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C… Savanna Plants


There are 10 main plants in the African Savanna are:

* Bermuda Grass
* Candelabra Tree
* Elephant Grass
* Gum Tree Eucalyptus
* Jackalberry Tree
* Jarrah tree
* Kangaroo Paw
* Manketti Tree

* River Bushwillow
* Whistling Thorn
The Bermuda Grass

The Bermuda Grass is a kind of grass. It is grows where there are frequent disturbances, such as grazing, flooding and fire. It is mainly found in Africa. The Bermuda grass is a creeping grass, that will creep along the ground and the root making a thick mat on the ground. Its blades are grey-green colour and are usually from 3 to 10cm long with rough edges. The Bermuda Grass can grow in poor soil and it can resist droughts when the upper part dies off but the rest of the grass will keep growing. It likes moist and warm climates and where there is more than 410mm of rainfall a year.

The Elephant Grass

The Elephant Grass is a very tall grass that grows in very dense clumps up to 3m tall. In the Savanna it grows on lake beds and rives since they are very rich of food. The stems are of a yellowy purple colour and they are coarse and hairy. The leaves are 60cm long, pointed at the end and about 3cm wide. The edges are really sharp. This obviously makes them impenetrable. It likes tropical weather and can die with a little bit of cold. The roots will stay alive until the ground actually freezes.

The Jarrah Tree

The Jarrah tree is one of the main species of Eucalyptus. It can grow to 40-50m high and the trunk has a diameter of 3m. The trunk is long ad has no branches on it. The bark is greish-brown. The top leaves of the tree are dark green while the lower ones are lighter green. Its flowers are white with a cone-shaped bud. They are found in groups of 7-11 and they have a magnificent scent. The fruits are round and can grow 9-16mm long. The tree flowers every other year making really special for bees to make honey out of it!

The Manketti Tree

The Manketti tree has may names: Mongongo Nut and Featherweight Tree. It likes hot and dry climates with little rain. It likes wooded hills and sand dunes. It has a wide trunk with crooked branches and a large crown. It can grown 15-20m tall. The leaves are a funny hand-shape and they are 15cm long. They are dark green and are covered in hairs. The flowers are oval-shaped and they are really small. They are whitish.

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